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Terry Bleizeffer

There's a great scene in a West Wing episode where Toby Ziegler is telling the president that the American people do not want him to go forward with a particular initiative. And the president responds that he has a team of experts analyzing the implications of the policy, and the issues are so complex that even this team of experts can't reliably predict the outcome. And given that's the case, why would he rely on the judgment of the American people, who have their own jobs and lives and have spent no more than a few minutes to understand the issue, and most of that was based on information from special interest groups trying to sell them a position?

Polls have their uses, but governing is not one of them.

And BTW, I agree about Bush. I think he was actively ruining the country, but I don't think that's what he was TRYING to do. Hell, I don't even think Cheney was trying to ruin the country, and I think Cheney was the most malignant politician in my lifetime.

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