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Bertrand Le Roy

Weird. And why single-out tattoo parlors btw? And what about church donations? Political donations?

Bertrand Le Roy

Also, *if* you're going to direct what that money is spent on, just issue food stamps and provide free healthcare.
One more question: how do they know it's *that* money that's being spent and not money they got from another source? L'argent n'a pas d'odeur.


Apparently in California welfare recipients are issued a special debit card rather than cash, so the tattoo parlors and such are just prohibited from accepting it.  Im betting the government tracks how the money is spent and decided that a disproportionate amount was being spent on tattoos.

Bertrand Le Roy

So is it really a black list of places where that card can be used? That seems so weird and legally questionable: aren't these businesses being discriminated against?


Well, not exactly.  I mean, welfare recipients arent barred from spending their own money at those establishments.  I guess you could look at it the same as the law preventing you from using food stamps to buy alcohol, but taken a step further.  (A step too far, in my opinion.)


So now money that is forcefully taken from hard-working Americans and given to the indigent is "charity"? I thought charity involved an act of giving of one's own accord. I suppose you may consider it charity on the government's part (IMO it's really income redistribution - but hey, at least they didn't spend it on $1000 toilet seats).

From my perspective, that's MY money they're giving to someone else... and since it's MY money - I feel the right to put whatever restrictions on it's use that I see fit.

From this point forward, all monies taken from me through taxation and re-distributed as welfare must ONLY be spent on tattoos and hard liquor.


Ha!  You made me look up the definition of charity, and it turns out that it mainly just means money given to the needy, regardless of intent.  I can see your point about seeing it as your money though, but I have to ask, where does that process end up?  Can we tell welfare recipients that they can only buy wheat bread and fruits and vegetables?  Do we disallow buying gasoline so the indigent must use public transportation?
Dont get me wrong:  It annoys me to think someone who isnt working (because they cant or they wont) is spending tax money on tattoos.  Its stupid and wasteful.  Im just not sure, unless were talking about doing away with welfare entirely, how to keep this from becoming a slippery slope.


Yeah I don't know the answers... maybe we need to focus on education and overcoming the reasons for poverty vs. just giving people money to spend on tattoos in perpetuity. Giving people healthy food vs. giving them money to spend on Cheetos is probably not a bad idea either... you may not like soylent green at first, but if you're hungry and that's what you've got - by god you'll learn to love it!

There has to be an incentive for people to want to get off of welfare. I know there are people out there that for whatever reason need to be on welfare for an extended period of time and I think we should take care of their basic needs - but if they want to go beyond that, it's up to them...


Well, youll never hear me arguing against improving education.  So many problems besides welfare could be solved by having a better-educated populace.  Unfortunately I think there are people in power who dont want that to happen....


This just in... San Francisco has decided to ban putting toys in happy meals:


Spuds MacKenzie should team up with Joe Camel and go kick the San Francisco board of supervisors' collective asses...

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