C Ro - She Likes It

I'm not really an evil torturer of kitties, I just play one on TV.

C Ro - Biography

A good friend of mine recently called me a "cynical bitch." I'm okay with that description. First, because she capped it off with a "but she'll make you laugh a lot" and, secondly, because it's true.

I'm single and childless, unlike all those other suckers who got conned in the what-makes-life-meaningful game. Too bad I'm a dog person, else I'd be living a life of old-maid bliss right now with at least 50 cats.

If you need to know anything else (stalker), check out my posts.

Rock on.

Alejo - He Pokes The Kitty

aka Beard Boy aka the Companion Cube.

I have a beard. There may or may not be crumbs in it.

Muffin - Formerly at She Likes It

I escaped the circus, got fired from The Apprentice after the first episode, and now I get my thrills working in an office.

Muffin - Biography

Like: eating. Dislike: getting up in the morning.
Like: drinking. Dislike: not drinking.
Like: hanging out at Target. Dislike: hypochondriacs.
Like: my dog. Dislike: when my apartment catches fire and I'm homeless for 1.5 weeks and counting.
Like: that it's time for lunch. Later!