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August 12, 2005



Any scene involving roller skates in Xanadu.

Wait, that entire movie was pointless.

Does that count?

What do I win?

C Ro

You are definitely number one on the list so far. I am still considering prizes at the moment though.


The most pointless movie scene also contains my favorite movie quote of all time: It's from the movie "Patriot" - not the one starring Mel Gibson, the less famous one starring Steven Seagal.
Seagal is in the bad guys' bioweapons center, refusing to save the world, and his girl sidekick says, "But you're the best damn immunologist in the world!"
I think she deserved an Oscar for being able to say that with a straight face.


The scene in FootLoose where Kevin Bacon is drinking hte beer and gets angry and then decides to dance through the giant barn.


That scene showed the constant struggle of the individual desire to dance vs. societal norms of dancing suppression. Plus, didn't I look cute in my tight jeans??!!


How about the movie "Ma Vie en Rose"? (That's the "Halo Moon Puppy" inspired movie viewing).
Anything starring Keanu Reeves?

C Ro

Oohh. Lurker McFly comes out of hiding! Ma Vie en Rose is an awesome movie. Nothing is pointless, not even the big Barbie Fantasy scene. Seriously.


So who won?


How about pointless in a good way? Heed in So I Married an Axe Murderer? Oh, go cry yourself to sleep on yer huge pilla.

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