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May 22, 2009



You guys sound so much like us :) We need to hang out sometime, but I'm lazy and hugely preggo, and the baby will soon be upon us, so I'm not really sure when... nevertheless- you should watch the literal video version of White Wedding if you haven't already:



Oh man, that dim sum was so yum-tacular. We should eat *shaved* noodles when we go to Uwaji's again.
Thanks for contributing that creepy shaved, Alex.


Thanks for the thumbs up on my singing; even if it was in the form of jealousy. It was fun to channel my inner rock star. We'll do it again sometime. BTW I had a couple of folks look at the house. Keep the kittie's toes crossed for me. My devious plan is coming closer to fruition. Ommuaahahahahaha.


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